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Free-Domicile (DDP) Administration

In many countries we are able to perform a Free-Domicile or Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) clearance and delivery.

This enables us to pay any import taxes, duties and disbursements to Customs on your behalf to enable a quicker clearance and delivery without the consignee having to pay anything.

It should be noted that the consignee still may need to provide paperwork or information to Customs or our local broker to enable the clearance.

The administration fee in the UK is charged on the initial despatch of the consignment. The international charges are invoiced under separate cover when details are received from the import location. The charges are to be settled within normal agreed credit terms.

This service carries an administration fee and charges as follows:

UK administration fee : £25 net

International charges : (Import taxes, duties and disbursements) + 20% handling fee

12 December 2018
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