Mission - Stuttgart


The Mission Global Group provides direct import and export freight services for Stuttgart Germany

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Please note for courier tracking enquiries from the UK please email Mission Express London at cs@missionexpress.com or contact via www.missionexpress.com

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Mission - Stuttgart

We are experts in providing Logistical and Strategic Consultancy Services to companies in Germany

From planning through to distribution management our consultancy services provide our clients with a personal and flexible approach

but always tailored to the Mission!

At Mission Express, we have the talent and resources across the Middle East, the UK, India, Africa, Australasia, Europe, South Africa,

Far East, & The Americas to support your requirements.



Express & Economy Option 

Door to Door or Airport 

Hazardous Goods 

Concierge Services 

Sea Cargo   

Full Container Load 

Loose Container Load 

Break Bulk 

Customs Clearance 

Onward Transport 

Export Documents  

ATA Carnet 

Certificates of Origin 

Shipping Invoice 

Chamber of Commerce 

Air Charters  

Private Passenger  

Cargo Charters 

Onsite airside build & break 



Expo partnership 

Logistics consulting

Hazardous Goods  

Specialist documentation 

Police escorts  

DG logistics 

Ocean Charter 

Cargo Charters 

Onsite quayside build & break 


Goods in transit 

Public liability 

Plant support 

Forklift supply 

Crane supply 

Military, Defence & Humanitarian 

Operating in some of the most unforgiving and inhospitable places in the world, for governments, both home and foreign, charities, humanitarian organisations and private companies, we are known for our discretion, comprehensive planning and ability to mobilise operations at very short notice.

◼︎ Bespoke air, ocean and road freight solutions
◼︎ Ro-Ro freight services, including OOG
◼︎ Air charters - Cargo and Personnel / Passenger
◼︎ Dangerous and hazardous goods handling
◼︎ All forms of documentation supplied - Customs Waivers, COO, CIPLs, ATA Carnets
◼︎ Heavy and OOG lift and transportation
◼︎ Customs and local government liaison and management
◼︎ Border assistance
◼︎ Full security services – Onsite & ‘In-transit’
◼︎ Onsite crew and crew management
◼︎ Full consultancy and project management services

Arts & Antiques

We enjoy long established relationships with galleries, auction houses, architects, antique and furniture dealers and designers.

Our expert services and specialist knowledge ensure that your cherished items are in the best possible hands at all times.

Music & Entertainment 

Over 20 years of experience in production and touring logistics, working with some of the largest (and smallest) touring artists and organisations in the world.

Events, Brands & Product Launch

More than 10 years in the ever-evolving world of events mean that we have the solution to your headache - allowing you to concentrate on your job and your client.

Museum, Cultural & Touring Events

We work extensively within the museum, science centre and touring exhibition sectors and are entrusted with the handling, movement, installation and storage of some of the most well-known and invaluable objects and artefacts known to man.

General Information on Germany

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Architecture, Design & Construction 

A sector of growth for us, particularly in the Middle-East and Africa, which ranges from the movement of full infrastructure and materials for large-scale construction projects, through to single bespoke items and structures, often designed and manufactured in Europe, destined for inclusion in architecture throughout the world.

Sports, Broadcast & Outside Events 

Whether moving spare cameras and lenses, scrum machines, sports medicine, athletes’ excess baggage or blood samples, our experience will provide the best solution.

Classic Sports & Luxury Cars & Bikes 

From Ferraris to Ford 8s, Teslas to Trabants, F1 engines to MotoGP fairings, we have the expertise and experience and have moved them all, by air, ocean and road.

Through a genuine passion for automobiles and all things mechanical, we have extensive experience in the movement of cherished automobiles, motorcycles, and every related item in between, including globally sourced spare parts and memorabilia.

We offer a wide range of services from our regional offices in UK, Germany and France, from where we service Southern France, including Cannes, Nice & Monaco with an increasing demand from Spain and Italy.

Dedicated air and ocean freight (ambient, climate/humidity and temperature controlled)
◼︎ Dedicated door-to-door covered road freight
◼︎ Full global import and export customs management
◼︎ Issuing and supply of ATA Carnets, COO Certificates and all forms of customs documentation
◼︎ Specialised handling, packing and crating services
◼︎ Secure global short & long-term storage solutions (ambient, climate/humidity and temperature controlled)
◼︎ Tour, event and roadshow planning and management

◼︎ Vehicle registration services
◼︎ Vehicle inspection & estimation services
◼︎ Maintenance, restoration, full-service, trickle-feed, valeting services
◼︎ Airport meet & greet services
◼︎ Classic and sports car insurance services
◼︎ Onsite event, exhibition & auction support services
◼︎ Full consultancy, white-glove and project management services