Marine Insurance Cover 

Marine Insurance Cover

Mission Express Ltd holds a full Marine Insurance Policy (No. 100001LL) with Lonham Marine Underwriters, Ipswich, IP4 1LN. The policy covers movements throughout the world with exception to the following countries whereupon terms and conditions must be agreed prior to shipment: Albania, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Chechnya Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Somalia.


Subject Matter

Approved goods must be suitably packed and protected to withstand rigours of transit. The following commodities are excluded unless agreed by the Underwriters prior to sending and maybe able to be covered under a revised premium rate. Please consult with our Customer Services Dept whom will be able to establish confirmations and premiums if applicable:


  • Alcoholic beverages (this commodity is under review for general cover without prior notification and confirmation)

  • Antiques 

  • Documents, monies of any description, securities, negotiable documents or instruments, bonds, bullion, stamps, credit & debit cards.

  • Fresh fish, fruit and vegetables

  • Furs, fishmeal and refined sugar

  • Glass products and items

  • Household goods and personal effects

  • Jewellery, watches and perfumes

  • Metals (other than iron and steel)

  • Micro chips, mother boards, and or memory of any kind which is not part of a complete system

  • Mobile telephones, components, parts and accessories

  • News print, pulp, reels of paper

  • Precious metals and stones

  • Tobacco and tobacco products

  • Maximum coverage £250,000 per sending.


International despatch premium: £35 minimum or the declared value for Customs and the carriage charges combined plus 10% and multiplied by 2%


UK domestic premium: £25 minimum or the declared value of the goods and the carriage charges combined plus 10% and multiplied by 0.9%

We are a British, independently owned International and Domestic logistics company with over twenty years experience in providing flexible, professional and cost-effective delivery solutions.


Mission Express is a global operator with offices and warehouses in the UK, U.A.E, Singapore & USA.


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