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New Rules if you send parcels to France

(Issued Dec 30th 2021)


We would like to advise you that VAT collection on Business-to-Business Imports into France (where the import is subject to VAT)

is changing as of the 1st of January 2022.


VAT will no longer be collected by customs authorities in France but will be reverse charged on the Importers French VAT returns.


It will therefore now be compulsory for the Importer of Record (the receiver) or their representatives to hold a French VAT Number

and this must be provided at the time of shipping. Please note this is in addition to providing the receiver's EORI Number.


Due to this rule change made by the French customs authorities, it will not be possible to import goods into France without a French VAT number as all companies acting as importers of record in France will need to have a valid French VAT number and file VAT declarations.


Please ensure that moving forward all your Business-to-Business deliveries sent to France have a French VAT Number provided to ensure

smooth delivery and clearance.


Mission Express are committed to providing the very best service at all times. We do this by keeping all our customers up to date with any

customs changes that happen so, if you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Urgent - EORI Update due to customs procedural changes

(Issued March 15th 2021)


EU Member State customs authorities have introduced a new procedure to ensure the RECEIVER EORI number is noted on invoices for shipments going to the European Union.

The Eori number is for businesses only.

Private individuals do not need to have this registration.

There is potential that shipments may be delayed from leaving the UK if the receiver company EORI Number is not provided and/or correct.

It is therefore critical now that you do provide this information for your non-document shipments.

The easiest way to do this is will be via the Mission Express online booking portal.

If you send to your own offices in Europe or have customers that you send to regularly, please request their EORI number in advance as having it to hand will save you time and potential shipment return charges.

Non-Document exports to EU member states.

(Issued: January 4th 2021)


Dear Valued Customer


Now we know the Brexit deal agreed the following must now be the norm for NON-DOCUMENT shipments to EU Member States via our Express Courier,  European Parcel Service (EPS) and Road Freight.


The principle is the same as non-document shipments travelling to outside the European Union.




If the contents of a shipment are not “paper/documents” then it is a non-document shipment and therefore requires a Commercial Invoice.

The Mission Express on-line system is the best way to produce this; at the same time of raising a consignment. A template is attached if you prefer to raise separately BUT we strongly encourage all customers to use the Mission Express on- line system.


We will provide more detailed advice to customers that ship “printed matter” such as books, pamphlets etc. but for now, they should be sent with a commercial invoice regardless as they do have a “value” which is it’s replacement OR manufacturing costs.


Under the current terms, shipments will be delivered under a free trade deal so only import TAX/VAT will be due (plus a small surcharge) to be settled by the receiver if applicable. Again, the same as if you are sending non-documents to anywhere else in the World.


If we receive a shipment that should have a Commercial Invoice, we will contact you ASAP to provide one to enable export.

Please click here to download a commercial invoice template:

EORI Number:


Every invoice must have the shippers EORI number detailed.

IF we have this number already from you, our system will automatically populate the details to a system generated invoice.

As a general sweep, if you know your EORI number can you please email it to such that we can reconfirm on the system or update it accordingly.

We will be emailing all customers of whom we do not have their VAT/EORI number to either obtain it or assist in showing how to apply for one.


Northern Ireland:


For the time being, there is no change for shipping to Northern Ireland.




Invoices must now have the product HS code(s) detailed

Please use the following link to access these codes

Our operating system will collate HS codes as they are used building a data base to assist Customers in the requirement going forward.


Delivery times


There is potential for clearance delays when shipping to the EU member states in the early weeks of the new relationship and Mission Express will be monitoring all shipments as usual. All shipments via our Express and Road Parcel Services are fully tracked so up to date information is available via our on-line portal.




  • Non-Documents to Europe require a Commercial Invoice.

  • HS codes will be needed for each product being sent.

  • Shipper VAT/EORI number is required.

  • Customers will find this much easier if they use our on-line system

  • Mission Express are ready and therefore, so are you.

What will happen after 31 December 2020?

(Issued: November 2nd 2020)

From 1st January 2021 the UK will no longer be a member of the EU and our trading arrangements will change so we will all need to prepare for life outside of the various arrangements of the past 40 plus years.


One of the most significant to change will be relating to the free movement of goods.

Although details of any potential “deal” are still unknown, Mission Express have prepared for the no-deal scenario.


This would result in the UK trading as a/becoming a third country when trading with the EU, therefore merchandise will become subject to customs procedures and potentially tariff schedules defined by WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules.

In short form…currently sending an item to an EU Member State requires no additional customs paperwork such as an invoice.


From 1st January 2021, sending the same item to an EU Member State WILL require an export invoice and the receiver MAY be liable for import duty/tax (paid to their local customs authority). This is how it happens, in most cases, when sending shipments to non-EU countries such as the USA, India and Australia.

We strongly recommend that all UK companies apply for an EORI Number (Economic Operators' Registration and Identification number) from HMRC in the UK.

It sounds complicated but really it is quite simple and can be completed online.

Check this link for information and to start the application. then please ensure you let us know your EORI Number!

We may all have to apply for an EORI Number from the EU however this is still undecided but again, it will be a very simple process via one central web portal.

Be assured, Mission Express is ready, we understand your business and will be beside you making sure you can continue to trade seamlessly and confidently.


Your success is our success as this is a continued partnership of trust and communication for the long term.

Mission Express are Brexit ready therefore, so are you!


Are you Brexit prepared?

Mission Express is prepared and monitoring the Brexit situation closely to offer guidance to our customers on how they can prepare for any significant challenges that may lay ahead.  

Speculation on the consequences and outcome of Brexit negotiations has reached a critical point but remains un-clear.

In the event of a ‘No Deal’ scenario on 29th March, all goods between the UK and Europe will require customs clearance. Congestion at ports has been widely predicted with the impact wide-spread for a period of time.

Establishing the Customs commodity codes and inco-terms for your goods.

This will allow you to apply the correct rate and amount of Duty and keep you compliant with HMRC

Do you know your commodity codes?


Have you registered to get your EORI number?

If you do not have an active EORI number (Economic Operator Registration & Identification) this will be needed for Customs Clearance. It’s free to apply online and currently takes just a few days to obtain.

Check is your business ready to provide commercial documentation for each Export or Import movement?


This should include:

  • Importer 

  • Exporter 

  • Goods Description 

  • Packaging details 

  • Weight 

  • Sales value & Currency 

  • Incoterm

  • Country of Origin

  • EORI number 

  • Commodity codes

    Need more Brexit help?
If you have any questions and would like to talk to us about being ready for Brexit, please contact us:
        Tel +44 (0) 208 917 1299
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